Simple Requests

(photo not my own)
(photo not my own)








I only asked for honesty

Never requested that you make good on your promises

What were you afraid of?

Were you surprised that I’m not the “eat it too” part of the cake statement

I am layers

Light, fluffy delicious layers

The whole cake

You didn’t realize it until you couldn’t swallow

Choked on your words

Reached for water but found that a glass wasn’t enough to clear your airway

I reside in your lungs

Closed your eyes and tried to breathe deeply but was surrounded by the memory of my scent…cake baking

I only asked for honesty

Never requested that you explain undigested fantasies

I only asked for honesty

In exchange for rich layers of life fulfilled and loyalty

Offered you days passed as the honored guest at the banquet of my commitment

I only asked for honesty

You’d rather subsist on the malnutrition of your lies

That table has a place setting for one

Eat up.

© Stephanie Bryant 2014


For The Soul Claimed By Misjustice


(Note:  I wrote this on April 1, 2012 after weeks of attempting to process the death/murder of  Trayvon Martin.  Watching my son walk off to the bus stop one morning for school,  the idea of losing him on the basis of how he looked or the perception that he was a “threat” due to a hoodie,  his race, or a stereotype was enough to allow me to create the thought.  A little over a year later, it still means enough and I know that it isn’t just emotion but the reality of many).


Before you pull the trigger of judgment
Slow down and see
beyond the hoodie
and past your clouded ideals
My weapons are harmless to you
This bow does not aim arrows
It merely streams melodies of comfort
relates my angst through strings
caressed by deft fingers and controlled flicks of the wrist

Wait! Before you pull the trigger of misdirected justice
See the hopes of my parents through my eyes
They have engineered direction and expectations of success
Know that I am just like you
but that I have to work harder to be exactly where you are
I am loved by many
removing me would destroy the hopes of many more

Before you craft your necessary lie
Cease my breathing and steal dreams
know that I AM
I am created in His image
as are you
many will argue our interaction
while forgetting that one truth
You cut me down without remembering that I am God’s
standing here with just a bow and my instrument of truth


Dagan Cello
(in memory of Trayvon Martin and with thoughts of protecting my own beloved son–seen here in his favorite hoodie with his only weapon, his cello.)