I could easily cop-out on this piece by explaining the title of my new campaign (any rap afficionado would get that) or using the passing of a public figure to lean on but the truth of the matter is “it’s about time”. It’s about time that I take responsibility for the thoughts that I allow to congregate in my mental and pass through the channel of my lips. It’s about time that I realize that thinking positively and even more, speaking positively, is a challenge because it is not a consistent enough behavior.

The challenge to thinking and speaking positively is as simple as allowing negative thought and speech to become habitual. For me, a witty or scathing comment can materialize with what seems like very little effort, while I have to take time to formulate the encouraging and positive. Before you judge, think about the moment of having to approach someone who just lost a loved one and how often you have heard “I didn’t know what to say to them”. How many of us buy a blank card and script out our own words of wisdon, love, or inspiration? While I may consider myself fun to be around and encouraging of others it is very easy to pick out the moments of negativity. The missed opportunities to uplift become glaring when I slow down and review my often busy days.

My human self immediately reviews the last two paragraphs and comes up with a positive “you’re being too hard on yourself, you are a genuinely kind person” but full on honesty is a necessity to make it through the process of what I am working to accomplish which is 30 days sans negative speech and a move toward corrective thinking. I don’t believe that this will be easy, but as the cliche goes “nothing worth having ever is”.

Disclaimer: I don’t find lying to be a part of a positive process nor is it a natural behavior for me so honesty will remain a part of my presented character traits, I will just make a more concerted effort to temper my delivery (not usually an issue for me) by using levity or removing myself when necessary.


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