Simple Requests

(photo not my own)
(photo not my own)








I only asked for honesty

Never requested that you make good on your promises

What were you afraid of?

Were you surprised that I’m not the “eat it too” part of the cake statement

I am layers

Light, fluffy delicious layers

The whole cake

You didn’t realize it until you couldn’t swallow

Choked on your words

Reached for water but found that a glass wasn’t enough to clear your airway

I reside in your lungs

Closed your eyes and tried to breathe deeply but was surrounded by the memory of my scent…cake baking

I only asked for honesty

Never requested that you explain undigested fantasies

I only asked for honesty

In exchange for rich layers of life fulfilled and loyalty

Offered you days passed as the honored guest at the banquet of my commitment

I only asked for honesty

You’d rather subsist on the malnutrition of your lies

That table has a place setting for one

Eat up.

© Stephanie Bryant 2014



He who wants to be with me

Has to respect I

Has to be prepared

For a wild and crazy ride

He who wants to be with me

Has to love my wild child moments

Appreciate my universal orbit

My space

Has to appreciate head scarves and bare faces

Has to be prepared

For my executive decisions

Briefcases and spectacles

Fingers pointing giving directives

My 9 to 5 grind

My hustle

Has to be prepared

For my conscious version of crazy

Awareness of who I been being

Yes bitch, who I “been being”

Smokeless smoking

Lobbing spoken words

Pen to paper moments

Shutting down in bookstore corners

Has to be hungry

For mental relations

Physically blowing you

And your mind

Hyper and Super

All of these things and

Layers of me

He needs to be prepared

Not scared



CHANGE.ORG & Ethnic Barbies

I don’t need to create my own post for this because I agree with the author.

My Life As A Cartoon Character

A few times a week I will have an email from WWW.CHANGE.ORG.  In case you don’t know is a website that sponsors online campaigns.  There stated mission is to  “empower anyone, anywhere to start, join, and win campaigns for social change.  I love the concept.   Getting people around the world to rally behind your cause is in fact empowering & it allows for the average person to connect with other like-minded people and accomplish wonders.

I know I can just delete the email, but some of these causes upset me.  Like the one I received today entitled.  “A Barbie that looks like her daughter”  Essentially this Black mom wants you to sign her petition to force Mattel (toy maker) to make Barbie’s of color.

I would rather  just not buy Mattel products than to tell them what they already know.  They know that little black girls exist.  They know the purchasing power of African American’s; apparently they…

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I marvel at what you were
Where we have come from
Where we began
Our shared lol’s and written jousts have gone offline

No longer am I wondering if you are who you say you are
My ideals are fulfilled by your presence
There are no gaps to fill in
No wondering at who you might be

Initial meetings have long ago transpired
lust has become love
passion has been infused
We are not a stereotype

The keyboard has been replaced
by whispered words in hungry moments
ALL CAPS have been replaced by angry phone outbursts
and face to face makeup sessions

We have gone beyond viral
We are a 3D version of love
personified by all that we want
drawing on the laws that we hold dear

Naysayers are persona non grata in our world
We only accept the believers
And yet believe in ourselves first
We are our own version of perfection

Texts are no longer the life line
our commitment is greater than embedded code
this passion is HTML, bold black font

WIFI can’t do us justice
Fiber optics can’t keep up with us
T1 and T3 be damned
Yes, we have gone offline
I have a renewed appreciation for the 3D world

One Gesture

Often taken for granted
Freely given
In moments of gratitude
Extended handshakes
Brothers giving dap
Pulling one another in
For shoulder to shoulder acceptance

Often unappreciated
Warm arms overlapping
Torsos pressed together
Conveying many emotions
Soft breasts to tight pecs

Often underrated
Comforting hands rubbing tense backs
Tear soaked cheeks resting on pronounced collarbones
Moments combined with sympathy and empathy
Chins atop afroed, relaxed, or loc’d heads

Sometimes overused
Accompanied by betrayal
Air kisses and rolling eyes
Words laced in promises
Promises wrapped in lies
Very brief moments of contact
Followed by long conversations behind turned backs

One action
Many circumstances

What meaning is hidden in the next…Hug


Giving thanks
In measure, tampers with history
Creates an alternative perspective
Generates comfort for the authors of history textbooks
Makes me wonder how the natives felt….

For homes pillaged
Wives plundered
Daughters kidnapped

For property stolen, Intellectual and material
Lessons taught and then used against them
Kindness reciprocated with mockery
Much obliged

For boundaries and newly gated communities
I think you named them reservations
I don’t think they called one in
Appreciate it.

This is not about anger or retribution
It’s the question that begs to be answered
Who created the need to be thankful at this event?
And What for?
Whose version of the past are we celebrating?

We have tainted fact with fiction
In search of political correctness before the term existed
Hoping to validate the unforgivable
Yeah, thanks for giving…
Gilded words followed by tainted actions
Thanks for Giving
Names other than their own
(Savage, red….Indian)
Thanks for Giving
Man made diseases otherwise unknown
Thanks for Giving
Altered history
Thanks for Giving
Images of unjustified, wild behavior
Spawning romance novels filled with lust driven apaches
Saturday morning westerns with axe wielding injuns
Thanks for Giving
This cozy, little piece of barren land in some God forsaken part of the country
Thanks for Giving
Your version of yesterday and silencing many tomorrows

Would your version of storytelling be different had they
re-gifted your lies
Packaged them in feathered ribbons
And sent your chickens home to roost
Giving an entirely different people something worth giving thanks for?


Like the second grade boyfriend left behind
on the Brooklyn playgrounds of 92
I Quit You

Like the card, broken and bent
with no limit left to be spent
I decline the opportunity to continue punching your clock

They said, “these boots were made for walking”
I asked the sales girl, “how fast will they let me run?”
She let me test them before I realized…
my mind has already gone, the body is the easy part
besides these four point fives look better in a slow………purposeful……strut

Like the attorney who no longer buys your defense
I will not be able to represent your intentions from this point forward

Like she who has been slapped by the hands of the unrighteous man
I must backhand you with this letter of resignation

I bear you no ill will but today
I am like Serena after one more bad call
teeth gritted, fist clenched, prepared to cross the line of good intent
instead I will take my ball and go home

Like the thief caught with product in hand
I waive my rights
to sit behind the desk that created additional weight on my chest

Like a realtor exhaling at the closing
I hand over the keys and relinquish my desire to do anything but
collect my last check

They say “another day another dollar” and “pennies make cents”
I say “the value of time spent making those dollars has been misstated”
as I watch the inflation of your ego override the good sense necessary for leadership.

Unlike a congressional witness
I refuse to plead the fifth; therefore,
I humbly submit to you that


©2010 Stephanie Bryant-Freeman