Respite of Black

(unidentified artist)


He kissed her thigh
Lips trailed to flesh above the crook of her knee
Simply acknowledged her beauty
All of it
Exchanged laughter with her as they lay
Bedtime stories
Silky words on high cotton thread counts and a down pillow top
Respite before the sunrise

She traced a finger across his chin
Considered that she could love him
Simply acknowledged his value
All of it
Reminisced on his gentle power
Drew the blinds to shut out the sunrise
Warm memories in a cold bedroom encased by heavy comfort
Respite before they had to rise

They walked through doorways
Fingers clenched
Hands reluctant to let go
Simply acknowledging the newness
All of it
Jaguar dreams and Bentley ambitions
The potential of the future
The reality of the day looming
Plans for respite redux

He needed to do no more in the moment
Simply acknowledge her beauty
Demonstrate his gentle power
And she would be willing
to provide him respite




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