CHANGE.ORG & Ethnic Barbies

I don’t need to create my own post for this because I agree with the author.

My Life As A Cartoon Character

A few times a week I will have an email from WWW.CHANGE.ORG.  In case you don’t know is a website that sponsors online campaigns.  There stated mission is to  “empower anyone, anywhere to start, join, and win campaigns for social change.  I love the concept.   Getting people around the world to rally behind your cause is in fact empowering & it allows for the average person to connect with other like-minded people and accomplish wonders.

I know I can just delete the email, but some of these causes upset me.  Like the one I received today entitled.  “A Barbie that looks like her daughter”  Essentially this Black mom wants you to sign her petition to force Mattel (toy maker) to make Barbie’s of color.

I would rather  just not buy Mattel products than to tell them what they already know.  They know that little black girls exist.  They know the purchasing power of African American’s; apparently they…

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