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The interesting and sometimes tough thing about being a blogger or blogging is that if you do it well you’re usually injecting a significant deal of your personal feelings, perspective and experiences into it.   When you’re writing a blog that is poetry or essay based it’s typically based on the cathartic qualities.  Holding back doesn’t help.  The downside to all of this….other people.  You write and throw it out into the internet atmosphere without fear because your intention is to share but it never fails that you come across the one person that you cut in front of in the elementary lunch line, dumped her brother, or heavens forbid, date the husband she didn’t want and voila, all of your posts must be a swing in their direction well….TODAY IS YOUR LUCKY DAY!

You! Yes, You…person that thinks that every blog post, poem, or picture (via Instagram or otherwise) is about you.  Let’s talk about what your obsession with my creative musings says about you:

 1)  You’re not spending enough time on self-improvement.  Brooding is meaningless.  It’s “active anger” with zero results (kind of like working out for an hour without burning any calories)…seriously, it’s pointless.

2)   You have made ME more important than YOU and that shouldn’t be the case in YOUR life.

3)   I write some pretty inspiring shit…for real…but you’re not finding positive inspiration–so wouldn’t it be better to just stop reading?

4)   You’re self-centered.  I’m no Joni Mitchell but you probably think everything I write is about YOU and unfortunately you don’t create enough inspiration for this to be the case.  I write about love yet I don’t love you.  I opine about pop culture and you’re not a public figure.  I create lyrical haiku’s and you don’t happen to add any melody to my life.  I promise except for this post, you have never been an inspiration.

5)   You’re not brave or you would be confident enough to confront me (in the comment section at least)

6)   Writing about you is boring….trust me, getting past #6 is a struggle….hence the fact that #6 is clever but brief.

7)   You need a mission…goals…and none of them need to be focused on anyone but…wait for it….YOU!  Here’s a link to another faithful blogger who actually wants to help “us” with that…..

8)  You’re out of control.  I know, I know, you disagree, and truth be told, that’s a subjective statement.  To you, various forms of stalking on social media may be within reason and a perfectly controlled demeanor, so maybe I should strike that remark from the record.

9)   Self-centered might be your strong suit, self-awareness is not.  While you seem to have a knack for picking others apart you don’t seem to apply the same spectacular insight to identifying how you can get better or where you’ve gone wrong.  Don’t worry, life will point it out via a swift kick in the ass. (by the way, I’m not wishing that kick on you unless it kicks you farther away from me).

10) You’re not very smart.  This is proven by the fact that you want to engage negatively with a blogger.  Yes, anyone can throw a website up and attack but not many could do it passively, passive-aggressively, aggressively, directly or subliminally.  A briefly delivered “PISS OFF” or a gentle middle finger.

That’s about all there is to it.  Nothing left to see here since there won’t be anymore dedicated posts on your behalf, although, based on #9 this may be the one post that you don’t think is about you.  Trust me, it is.

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