This is a post from my other blog. I don’t often write poetry or creative pieces to music because I don’t want the influence to override the natural. When I do write with a track in the background, I’ll include the music link at the bottom.

Diary of a Mad Saleswoman

Remember Calista Flockhart in all her skeletal glory dancing through the halls of the law firm that made you want to get a law degree?  Ally McBeal wasn’t the first time that I realized I live my life according to a theme song but years later in my professional life it remains a front of mind inspiration.

I love theme songs.  Sound kitschy?  Too bad.  I’m an avid music lover so it only makes sense that I make it a part of my career.  I always have a song for my day.  There are times when I realize that I’ve been listening to the same song all day having subconsciously chosen the mood and the magic for the day.   I was walking through the mall once and I swear Robin Thicke was behind me singing, When I Get You Alone…”because you walk pretty because you talk pretty…”, trust me…

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