I marvel at what you were
Where we have come from
Where we began
Our shared lol’s and written jousts have gone offline

No longer am I wondering if you are who you say you are
My ideals are fulfilled by your presence
There are no gaps to fill in
No wondering at who you might be

Initial meetings have long ago transpired
lust has become love
passion has been infused
We are not a stereotype

The keyboard has been replaced
by whispered words in hungry moments
ALL CAPS have been replaced by angry phone outbursts
and face to face makeup sessions

We have gone beyond viral
We are a 3D version of love
personified by all that we want
drawing on the laws that we hold dear

Naysayers are persona non grata in our world
We only accept the believers
And yet believe in ourselves first
We are our own version of perfection

Texts are no longer the life line
our commitment is greater than embedded code
this passion is HTML, bold black font

WIFI can’t do us justice
Fiber optics can’t keep up with us
T1 and T3 be damned
Yes, we have gone offline
I have a renewed appreciation for the 3D world


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