Giving thanks
In measure, tampers with history
Creates an alternative perspective
Generates comfort for the authors of history textbooks
Makes me wonder how the natives felt….

For homes pillaged
Wives plundered
Daughters kidnapped

For property stolen, Intellectual and material
Lessons taught and then used against them
Kindness reciprocated with mockery
Much obliged

For boundaries and newly gated communities
I think you named them reservations
I don’t think they called one in
Appreciate it.

This is not about anger or retribution
It’s the question that begs to be answered
Who created the need to be thankful at this event?
And What for?
Whose version of the past are we celebrating?

We have tainted fact with fiction
In search of political correctness before the term existed
Hoping to validate the unforgivable
Yeah, thanks for giving…
Gilded words followed by tainted actions
Thanks for Giving
Names other than their own
(Savage, red….Indian)
Thanks for Giving
Man made diseases otherwise unknown
Thanks for Giving
Altered history
Thanks for Giving
Images of unjustified, wild behavior
Spawning romance novels filled with lust driven apaches
Saturday morning westerns with axe wielding injuns
Thanks for Giving
This cozy, little piece of barren land in some God forsaken part of the country
Thanks for Giving
Your version of yesterday and silencing many tomorrows

Would your version of storytelling be different had they
re-gifted your lies
Packaged them in feathered ribbons
And sent your chickens home to roost
Giving an entirely different people something worth giving thanks for?


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