Thanks Dr. Yang

“I don’t know, I think, you’re either born simple or your born….me”–Christina Yang (Susan Oh), Greys Anatomy.

No television character has ever spoken words more applicable to my life than the externally stalwart yet internally broken, Christina Yang.

The one thing that I have always noticed about myself is that complexity seems to be what I’m good at.  It’s my “thing”.  While other girls do a dusting of powder and gloss, I’m coordinated eye shadow and geisha lips.   I was going to type that I’d like to be a neutral gloss but I’d be lying, I’m more of a vibrant Givenchy red.

I say all of this to point out that some people are meant to be simple while others will dangle on the precipice of supposed confusion that is complexity.   Complex individuals will be quite happy with themselves while you may often question “how they can be” or “why they are that way”.  Plain and simple (pardon the reference), they just can and they are.

The great thing about a complex individual is that this trait is often associated with a healthy dose of self-awareness and acceptance.  Rarely will they question why you are so simple, they just accept it as you.  While far simpler acquaintances may decry 2 hour preparation for a quick trip to the store or inability to listen to talk radio without talking back, the compound will find a reason to love who you are, “just because”.

I like to apply a philanthropic perspective to my complexity.  Any change in that, which I am, would be a reduction.  Too great of an alteration of my “ness” would deny others the full benefit of having me in their lives.  I wouldn’t expect anything less from those that I love; therefore, I don’t shortchange them.

For all of my complex compadres, I offer a few bullet points to happiness:

  • Continue to “be you”.
  • Make no excuses and stop wasting time in a futile quest for a simplistic approach to life.
  • Remember that the things that are supposed to be simple will be, regardless of how you handle them.    And finally,
  • Love your flair for the complex and surround yourself with those that have a knack for the simple.  It could be a dynamic pairing while still allowing you to just….be you.

(All comments or letters regarding the complexity of this article can be directed to the very busy composer who will be glad to send an equally complex response)


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