I am a creation borne of all
Your doubts created space for me
Your fears divided your energy
Multiplied my own
Your unwillingness crossed your arms
Opened mine in welcome
Your inability to let go created
hard edges
Created alternatives..and opportunity…for soft landings
better edging out bitter
Refusal to hear has become
inability to speak
“Closed mouths don’t get fed”, your mama said
what is worse?
pursed lips and sucked teeth
drawing attention to
lips softened by sugar and honey
pouted in anticipation of his kiss
Your dissatisfaction has created
sighs of satisfaction…contentment
You will assume that this is fleeting–a moment
I am prepared to birth a legacy
My ego won’t require me to herald this
No public declarations will be made
You will find out on your own that
I am your creation
and then some


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