Dear Virgo (or Lovers Quarrel Pt. II)

 love you. 

I can’t stand this either. 
I don’t want to fight either, I’m a lover and so are you. 
I want us to survive this.  
I don’t want to bicker with the woman I feel so much for. 
I don’t want you to be afraid to be silent.  
I don’t want to you “feel” neglected. 
I want to protect you..
I want us to be sufficient.
I want to give you what you need. 
I want you/us to feel each other.
I don’t want to be cold either 
I want us to find middle ground. 
I want you to see things both ways.
I want to go to the ends of the earth with you too
I often see this as a bump in the road.
I can talk to you all day, and don’t want to hang up either.
I want us to keep communicating
I don’t want to text so much either.
I don’t put you on the backburner. 
You are in the front of my mind. 
I want to give you all, and be all you need.. 
I want you to be a part my life always
You could never be a footnote. You mean too much
I never want to promise you something, unless I know I can give it.(which I’m quite sure I will).  Just wanna be able to keep my word.
I want to fill the gaps so that you don’t overcompensate.
Baby I could never undervalue you.
I want you to understand my limitations. 
I want to be limitless. 
I want the boundaries to not have such an impact
I want to live outside the box too.
I want normal…
I DO want you….all of the time. 
I DON’T want you to walk away. 
I want us to work things out.
I want to be able to say we got past all that.
I want us to realize and achieve our potential together.
We have too much, to let it slip away.
I don’t want us to be an afterthough….ever.
I love you.

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