Sinners Absolution

These same knees bowing before the altar
Asking for forgiveness from the Heavenly Father
Sought a blessing at the altar of an alternative god
Prayed for an anointment of your holy waters
Received the communion of one at your waist-high table
Hallowed be…

These same hands crossed breasts signaling my request for absolution
Seeking reconciliation to bring me closer to the Virgin Mother
Last night hands caressed breasts reminding me of virginity long gone
Removing any purity that remained, crossing boundaries
Creating mutual agreement of mind and body
Making me call
Thy Name…

These same lips utter Hail Mary’s reverently
Hoping to remove any sin that may remain
Mind veering toward the transgression that is yet to come
My lips your skin, shaft covered with liquid
Hoping to see
Thy Kingdom Come…

Reverence mixed with sacrilege
Fear overtaken by desire
Seeking right but steering toward wrong
You are the only mission that I want to complete
On Earth…

This mouth opens wide
Calling Christ, issuing “Oh My God’s”
Followed by words not to be combined with the Holiest of Holies
Please don’t exorcise me
I have just found out exactly what it means to be
As it is in Heaven…

© Stephanie Bryant 2012


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