Our Skin

Clashed in an amalgamation of
cocoa & caramel
blended in honey & cinnamon
swirled with amber & onyx
combined the beauty of dusk & midnight

Melded into one brilliant concoction
a confection of sweet and bitter moments
lingering on the tongue
tainting the taste buds of my life

Intertwined for seconds, minutes, hours
was history in the making for days
remained in the forefront of my mind for months
stretched and twisted
bended and flexed
created muscle memory that allowed a limberness I had never known

Exhibited anger and fear
passion and regret
melancholy and exhilaration
bi-polar moments

Ran you off
but pulled you in
confused this fling
with long-term

Rocked foundations
moved buildings
created a fault greater than the San Andreas
made your neighbors duck and cover

Sugary sweet
made the diabetic seize
breastfed newborn love
cured hunger in the mothers land

I stand in awe when I think that Our Skin

started fires in the dead of winter
smoldered in the downpours
clapped louder than Gabriel’s thunder
each meeting as unique as one snowflake

And ultimately I know that Our Skin

has ruined you for the next
will never let you forget
and when your toes curl with her
places my name on your lips

© 2010 Stephanie Bryant-Freeman


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