You’re Funny…
You make me laugh with abandon
mouth wide open, teeth bared

You’re Funny…
You create a low rumbling laughter
built in the depths of my softly rounded belly

You’re Funny…
You crack me up
making me laugh at inappropriate moments….stop it

You’re Funny…
Drawing forth a girlish giggle that seems out of line with my image
No longer am I mature, womanly, or sexily nonchalant
rather giddy, young and easily flattered…I don’t care.

You’re Funny…
Overwhelming me with whispered innuendo
Easily given away by the sultry sounds of a chuckle

You’re Funny…
Stealing any opportunity for tears
Pushing me to the boundaries of mirthful hysteria

You’re Funny…
Unintentionally drawing one corner of my mouth into a crooked smile
or teasing sexily gapped teeth into biting a glossed bottom lip

You’re Funny…
I resist the compulsion to think of the moments when the laughter will stop
and the crying begins
until then, I hide my concern behind one more guffaw.


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