Dear Young Sister

Dear Young Sister,

I have read your status/tweets/and texts and realize that you have gotten so many things wrong even though you had the opportunity to begin so right. I know that the time to address you is now because while you are on digital overload your mental gain is underwhelming. Your blackberry’s, I-Phones, and IPods have stunted your growth. Your laptop vision is clouded inhibiting your ability to see beyond the video girl image of grandeur and the fifteen minutes of fame. THIS IS NOT WHO YOU ARE.

Your mistakes have become your badge of honor, a sense of pride, a moment for braggadocia… instead of the chance to learn and grow. Your ego has forced you into a narrow perspective, one that will lengthen your path to success and shorten the one to failure. I don’t fault you for your mistakes but I am stunned at your inability to recognize them with humility. Your sentence for this crime will most assuredly be long term as it will not change until you change. THIS IS NOT HOW HOPE IS CREATED.

The respect for the women who have come before you is no longer there. Their mistakes are laughed at and trivialized. Their triumphs are no longer recognized as monumental….why have they struggled on your behalf? You speak through a flailed hand, a turned head, and teeth sucked as though there is no lesson for you to learn from others and so the old folks say “a hard head makes a soft behind”. You will experience what could have been avoided and pick up consequences that are of this time, they most assuredly will have names that you can not pronounce and acronyms that you will not want to utter—HIV, AIDS. THIS IS THE PATH TO AVOID.

The perceptive sense your sadness and pray for you while the sly detect your weakness and prey on you. When will you be truthful about what you are…WORTHY, who you are….GOD’S CREATION, and what you can do….ANYTHING.

I see you Young Sister as the proverbial Phoenix, life’s ashes are scattered about you and as famously stated, still you rise. I see you as what you are meant to be as opposed to what you have been digitally told you are.

I will still read your tweets/status/and texts with the prayer that it will eventually provide me the opportunity to celebrate your success because THIS IS HOW IT WAS MEANT TO BE.

Rise Up,
The Community

© 2010 Breeze


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